Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim
(Church of Greece)

Letter - signing of the "
Against Ecumenism

Most Holy and Reverend Brothers.

        With great brotherly love I proceed through this letter to return to You the "Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism" which You sent to me, duly signed by my insignificance, congratulating You from the depth of my soul for Your outstanding initiative which covers a major void in the pastoral Church in the present hopper of syncretism and uncertainty of conditions. I also inform You that with my own Encyclical Notice I have already sent Your most important article on alertness and spiritual readiness to the ministering of the Church Holy Clergy of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus, with the call for each of the shepherds of the Church to assume his sacred responsibilities towards God and his entrusted flock by endorsing the confession of Faith against the obnoxious Ecumenism.

Embracing You in the Resurrected Christ, I remain with great honour and brotherly love

The Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim.



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