Prophesy of St. Nilus          


       The people that will be living around the eighth century (7500 years since the creation), will acquiesce into corruption of the flesh, and will argue incessantly with no beginning and no end.           Then the eighth Synod will convene….and things will become peaceful for a while, but soon people’s minds will revert back to the evil ways and perdition. They will not respect the sanctity of marriage but with dissipation will gravitate towards perdition which will be worse than during Sodom and Gommorah… committing many more evil works. The more evil works, the more calamities will befall the people. The people then will be committing twice as much evil, believing that whoever does evil is good…The more greedy men become the more sorrow will visit the earth. Love of money will become an insatiable passion. Greed leads to perdition and destitution leads to salvation, for man is risking salvation through greed.         
       This curse (greed) will bring great sorrow to the world and happiness will disappear and will be replaced with discord. Greed will be the throne of the antichrist. Greed offers to the world lies and people are attracted to lies and become lawless being abducted by injustice. Truth has disappeared and everybody believes in lies. Truth is the intimate economy of Christ and of the teaching of the Gospel, but the lie is the advent of the antichrist and his kingdom, which wishes to bring global calamity and perdition to the world. Like the Prophets prophesied the coming of the Lord, likewise   over concern will darken the intellect of men, they will become insensitive to their salvation from their over concerns they may have. Salvation will be rescued only by those that refrain from partaking in the works of the antichrist whose works are the cares of this world and the hoarding of treasures. To day’s men are given over to hoarding treasures and worries and have surrendered themselves over to perdition through looting, betrayals, lies, homosexuality, gluttony, pride , hardness of heart and overwhelming avarice….
       When the world will become impoverished of the grace of the Holy Spirit, then the world will be encircled by all types of calamities. Firstly the world will suffer from lack of love, peace and moderation. Secondly, every country will suffer and there will be great loss of capital from every country. The Church of Christ will also suffer due to lack of priests and spiritual shepherds.
          After this calamity the unclean one will be born from the belly of filth and will bring forth signs and beasts with demonic fantasy, pretending to the world that he is meek and humble at heart but he will be foxy at heart and a wolf at mind. His sustenance will be the agitation of the people and when ever the people become agitated, he, the antichrist, will be filled.          
The agitation of the people due to condemnation, envy, vindictiveness, hatred, enmity, greed, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, loss of faith arrogance, will be the food of the antichrist, who will be the head of many countries and have authority over all the world. He will have power over the feelings of people and all will believe him because he will be the dictator and emperor and he will bring spiritual loss to the people. Those that are on the way to perdition will believe that they are being saved.          
       Then the Gospel will be ignored because the spiritual loss will bring great unhappiness in the world and signs and terrible events will occur. Man will hunger greatly and will not be able to be filled, for then he will be eating seven times more than he eats now but he would still not be satisfied and there will be great sorrows everywhere. Then, whoever was sealed with the seal of the antichrist, many will die in the streets and the heart of most will weaken, not being able to bear hunger and faintness, they will revert to eating the dead. On the seal will be written, “you are mine, yes I am yours, voluntarily I come and not by force”. Woe to him who bears the seal, for there will be a great agitation in the world. God seeing the unsettling of the people, will order the sea to become exceedingly warm, so when the antichrist will sit on his cursed throne, the sea will boil like molten copper and the earth will be depleted of vegetation and trees from the warmth of the sea and the source tributaries will dry up and the animals and birds will die from the breath of the sea.

And then the day will be like an hour, the week like a day, the month like a week. Due to the wickedness of man, the elements will speed up, that the time will end soon, as proclaimed by God. Then will come the prophets Elijah and just Enoch to proclaim that whoever is patient and is not marked by the seal of the antichrist, will be saved and will be accepted by God in paradise eternally, only that he not be marked with the seal, but instead make the sign of the Cross, for the seal of the Cross frees man from the torments of hell while the seal of the antichrist delivers him to the torments of hell. And if they hunger, they should not ask for food but should have patience, for He will send help from above… The most  wicked children of the antichrist are: fornication, adultery, homosexuality, murder, confiscation, stealing, injustice, lies, torture, the buying and the selling of man….. so evil will human nature become, that they will use wickedness worse than the demons…. And the antichrist seeing that human nature became more evil than the demons, will rejoice greatly….  

Greek Text

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