The Holy Light remains a point of contention for all those that insist in covering their eyes. This however was always the case even with the same True Light, Christ. The truth of the Holy Light is that it exists and is delivered from Heaven to the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem every year. The eye witnesses in their thousands profess their experiences.  Among them are even previous doubters. There are even people that have signed for it with their blood.

The British archeologist Charles Warren (1867–1870)... (1/5/2013)
"There is a possibility that the Holy Light would not come forth from the Most Holy Sepulchre but there is no possibility that it would be given to non-Orthodox"
The truth about the Holy Light for every Orthodox faithful comes as something very natural and self understood as is his breath... (4/11/09)
The Holy Light. In Jerusalem during Pascha, the greatest miracle in the world happens by the Godman Christ. (7/11/08)
Answers of Elder Metrophan on apropos questions by Mr. Roimba. (7/22/08)


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