The Elder Philotheos and the Old Calendar issue

The Elder Philotheos and the Old Calendar issue

We have compiled in a thematic section a number of letters by the blessed Elder Philotheos Zervakos that deal with the issue of the Old Calendar.

These postings by no means aspire to polemics against anyone, but are intended to correctly inform the corpus of the Church. It would be a blessing, if they become the springboard for Orthodox pondering as to whether the rantings supported by some are pleasing to God.   

It is a known fact that the Elder Philotheos criticized the way the calendar was changed and that he preferred a return to the former one for the sake of unity among the faithful.  However, he never dogmatized on the calendar issue, in order to avoid causing a schism.  He was continuously in communion with the Synod in Greece and he observed the new calendar, by remaining obeisant to the Church.

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