Holy Monastery of Filotheou, Holy Mountain - signing of the "CONFESSION OF FAITH
Against Ecumenism

Honourable and dear in Christ Brothers and Fathers.

        We humbly ask for your forgiveness, for the delay in our answer and the signing of the " CONFESSION OF FAITH Against Ecumenism" which you sent to our Holy Monastery, due to our absence abroad. We wish to extend our thanks for providing us the opportunity to take part in the justified uneasiness on the fostered progress and spread of Ecumenism through systemic and numerous other manifestations
       In this, I remain with befitting honour, love and countless wishes for the success of the God pleasing intentions of the Congregation of the Orthodox Clerics and Monastics, we sign with pleasure and with feelings of responsibility, the said Testimonial Article against Ecumenism

The Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Filotheou (Mount Athos)

Archim. Nikodemos
And those with us in Christ Brothers


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