Apostolic Messages (In memoriam)

Apostolic Messages

by Protopresbyter fr. George D. Metallinos (+ 19-12-2019)
Professor Emeritus of the Athens University School of Theology

In Memoriam...

Our beloved Father George, internationally acknowledged for his steadfast Orthodox perception and stance, departed far too soon to be in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ and the company of our Holy Mother and all the Saints - especially with the one that he so fervently referred to in his essays, homilies and books: the Apostle Paul.

The present book was compiled by him several years ago, aspiring to an eventual translation for an English publication; perhaps Father George Metallinos wanted his last words before departing from this world to be deposited in the form of a “farewell bouquet” of sermons, intentionally titled “Apostolic Messages” in honour of his most beloved and frequently quoted Saint: the Apostle of Nations, Paul.

The three excerpts below have been taken from within the book, and are indicative of his characteristic delivery when addressing and guiding his audiences, readers and spiritual children...  



from the book "Apostolic Messages" (5/6/2022)
from the book "Apostolic Messages" (19/10/2021)
from the book "Apostolic Messages" ... (20/10/2021)
from the book "Apostolic Messages" (15/2/2022)


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