Hollywood star Jonathan Jackson's visit to the Holy Mountain (video-photo)

By George Theoharis 

A Hollywood Star talks to “Ayioritiko Vima” and declares that he is a fan of the Holy Mountain. 

A popular American TV star becomes an Orthodox Christian role model. 

He is just 32 years old and is a staunch supporter of Orthodoxy.  It is the well-known actor
Jonathan Jackson – lead actor of the TV series “General Hospital”.

I spotted him at the Sacred Monastery of Vatopedion. He was sitting with his 8-year old son next to the Abbot Ephraim, for the duration of the night-vigil Service last Saturday.  At every appropriate moment of the Service he would cross himself, and he seemed to be praying with reverence, with his gaze on the enormous icons of the Holy Mother and of Christ on the Monastery’s Iconostasis.  I found an opportunity and approached him, and, after welcoming him to the “Garden of the Holy Mother” I asked him for a small interview.  He was accompanied by the Greek-American Father Matthew. 

These were moments that cannot be surpassed, when one encounters a young man who desires to follow the path of Salvation for his soul – and in fact a well-known actor, who lives among such incredible temptations. It was a life’s lesson. Never in my life had I ever thought that in this international village, certain models of life could also originate from people that I could never have imagined!

Among other things, Jonathan Jackson stated to the Ayioritiko Vima that this place has something special about it, and that in the person of the Abbott Ephraim he had discerned the love of Christ. He specifically mentioned: “I could see the love of Christ in him.” 

It was his first visit to the Holy Mountain, and he stayed at the Vatopedion Monastery, from last Friday through to Tuesday. He also visited the Sacred Xenophontos and Simonopetra monasteries. 

His accompanying son was Caleb, his eldest. He also has two other children - Adora and Titus Gabriel. His wife is called Elizabeth. They were all baptized Orthodox 3 years ago.
He has won 5 Emmy Awards and is one of the best-known actors in Hollywood.

When ascending the winner’s podium and during a worldwide broadcast, the 32-year old actor crossed himself in the Orthodox manner, invoked the Grace and the Mercy of the Holy Trinity, which he stated he was in great need of, and at the end of his speech, also thanked the monks of the Holy Mountain, given that –as he said– they pray incessantly for the salvation of the whole world.

•    By  Desk Agioritikovima

Translated by impantokratoros.gr





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