World Council of Churches (WCC).

 The report on the WCC by Bishop Raskas Artemios, that he submitted to the Synod of the Serbian Hierarchy, we publish the following important excerpts).

... The Church is one and catholic and in her is the complete and all the truth, all the grace, everything the Lord brought with Him to earth and delivered to the people and left for their salvation.

It is one and catholic because it brings together all those that wish to be saved in an interior union, in the body of the God/man Christ.

For this, this idea of one "council" or "union" of the Churches is impossible, not permissible and unacceptable to the conscience of every Orthodox.

The boundaries, set by our Holy Fathers have been trampled, the boundaries between truth and falsehood, light and darkness, Christ and belliol.

The main aim of all these overblown emotions (basically it regards plain hypocrisy) is the wish for the Orthodox Christians to learn the "truth", that they are brothers in Christ and members of the one and true Church together with the heterodox. This is what is discussed at the meetings, conferences and printed in the newspapers, magazines, books, the broadcasts by radio and television. All these demand to our being led to the "common cup", the common communion that comprises the founding goal of the "dialogue of love".

All these, according to Father Justin Popovitz, who likens it to the betrayal of Judas, the terrible betrayal of our Lord Jesus Christ and of the whole Church.

... As a result of this cooperation, the Serbian Orthodox Church was receiving for some time material help from the WCC, such as medicines, scholarships, trips to Switzerland, financial subsidies, for example towards the construction of the new building of the theological school. For these crumbs of help we have lost in the spiritual sphere the purity of faith, the canonical heritage of the Church and the faithfulness of the Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Church>

The presence of representatives from the Orthodox Churches at the different ecumenical meetings bear no canonical justification. They do not go there to courageously  proclaim openly and firmly the eternal and unaltered truth of the Orthodox Faith and Church, but embark on compromises and more or less to agree in all the decisions and schemes that are offered to us by the non-Orthodox.

Through such actions we arrived at the Balamand, Sambezie, and Assissi, since all these include the unfaithfulness and betrayal of the Holy Orthodox Faith.

During all this period of collapse and even loss of the Church of Saint Savvas, a single and lonely voice was heard, the voice of Archimantrite Augustin Of Tselie (V1979), who alone kept the unaltered and alert conscience of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It was him who felt deeply and lived liturgically the apostolic and patristic spirit of truth and wrote about the "achievement" of Patriarch Athenagoras: "The Patriarch of Constantinople? He, with his neopapist behaviour in words and deeds scandalizes already for approximately ten years the Orthodox conscience, denying the single and totally correct Truth of the Orthodox Church and Faith, while recognizing the Roman Pontiff with all his demonic and anti-ecclesiastical pride....".

Remembering in one hand what has been said and in the other the extreme and infallible word of the Bible, "every fruit tree is known by its fruit" it is simple to understand what we have to do.

Already in this conference we must decide "the Serbian Orthodox Church must leave the WCC and all similar organizations (such as the Council of European Churches etc) and put an end to the participation in ecumenical and atheistic manifestations.

This must be done for the following reasons.

1. In obedience to the Apostle Paul, who advises and recommends: "After a first and second admonition of a heretic let him go".

2. This (the participation) happens to be in conflict with the holy cannons of the Orthodox Church against which we have sinned grievously.

3. There is nothing by the Holy Fathers of the Church that could justify the union and continuing participation in the non-ecclesiastical organization of the WCC and other similar with it.

4. For the salvation of our souls and the souls of the flock, that has trusted us and which for some time now we have scandalized and damaged by our participation in ecumenism, as well as for the salvation of those who still find themselves outside the ark of salvation, of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and whom our determined and clear action could help them in their search for salvation and Truth, something that cannot be achieved by a retreating and godless comradeship with ecumenism.

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