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Question: Who is Nick Marvel?

Answer: Nick Marvel is a 17-year-old youngster, the son of a family with many children; he lives in Greece, but also travels to many other parts of the world.

Question: Is he a youngster like all the others, or does he differ in some way?

Answer:  Nick Marvel is a privileged boy. He belongs to a normal family and enjoys a warm, loving relationship with his parents and his siblings.

Question: How can this be, in our day and age, where children usually live within a single-parent family and sometimes with homosexual couples?

Answer: Nick Marvel and his family live within the mystery of the Church – with their Spiritual Guide, their sacramental life and Orthodox spirituality.

Question:  So, does this mean Nick Marvel is a moral-shaping book – a manual (guide?) for proper behaviour?

Answer:  No. Nick Marvel is an action-packed adventure story written with vivid imagination and has shining heroes who accomplish amazing things as they relish the joy of life (“joie de vivre”). 

Question: But how can there be compromise between intense action, imagination and shining heroes, and at the same time Orthodox spirituality and a sacramental way of life?

Answer: That is precisely where the interesting element is located: in that Nick Marvel and his team manage amazingly well. They adhere to their personal struggles –living within the Church- while simultaneously fighting against the “lord of this world” and his wretched servants, and also escaping from various dangerous traps, while being miraculously saved every time.

Question:  It all sounds especially intriguing, in this day and age of depravity and the “New Age of Aquarius”.

Answer:  Nick Marvel is not a child of today; the story takes place in the future, when the New Age has finally achieved its goals and half of mankind is ruled by the “Beast”.

Question: So, does that mean Nick Marvel is a science fiction story?

Answer:  No. Nick Marvel is a work of fiction, except that it also contains the whole Truth, which comprises the Church; armed with the “weapons” of churchgoing, the emulation of the Saints’ way of living, the prayers – especially the “prayer of the heart”, the Jesus Prayer – it is a “story” that strips naked the delusions of occultism, of magic, of sects, and of the New Age media in general.

Nick Marvel is a “modern” book, which engages the youth of our time, in their own “modern” way of communicating – in a language that they can relate to - and through that language, convey secrets and messages that those children may have never heard before and perhaps could not even possibly imagine existed.

Nick Marvel was written for you and for your child, but more especially for the child of your fellow man, who may not be at all familiar with what the Church actually is.

Some of the events and the persons involved in the “myth” are imaginary, but some are not – and it is up to you, the reader, to work it out.

This “story” is worth reading.  It will give the answers to many questions, before creating new ones.

Question:  After learning all these things, I am looking forward to reading the book!

Answer:   Yes!  Read it, distribute it, and give it as a gift wherever you can!

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  1. In what era do the events in the Nick Marvel books take place?

  2. In the Nick Marvel books there are many mentions of modern groups, practices and events that are linked to occultism. What is the reason for this?

  3. Does the Nick Marvel story have any actual basis?

  4. From where does Nick Marvel draw his strength?

  5. Why are the Nick Marvel books suitable for all ages, between 9 and 99 ?


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