Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos, D.Th., Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, University of Athens

  I Confess One Baptism...

 Interpretation and Applicationof Canon VII of the Second Ecumenical Council by the Kollyvades and Constantine Oikonomos

 (A contribution to the historico-canonical evaluation of the problem of the validity
of Western baptism)



 Canon VII

 of the Second Ecumenical Council,

 Constantinople,  381a.d.

  On how heretics are to be received:

Orthodoxy and Baptism

       As for heretics who convert to Orthodoxy and join the por­tion of the saved, we receive them in accordance with the follow­ing procedure and custom: We receive Arians, and Macedonians, and Sabbatians, and Novatians who call themselves Catharoi and Aristeroi, and Tessareskaidekatitae otherwise known as Tetraditae, and Apollinarists, when they submit written statements, and anathematize every heresy that does not believe as the holy, catholic, and Apostolic Church of God believes, and are first sealed with holy Myron on the forehead, and the eyes, and the nose, and the mouth, and the ears; and in sealing them we say: "Seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit."



I Confess One Baptism...


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