The Saints of our Church are not some otherworldly beings but people sharing the same passions as us. Sainthood is the open invitation from the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, to every person of every age, to take part in His Cross, which is the guarantee of success for each personal Resurrection.   

The Saints made the brave decision to be crucified together with Christ (through martyrdom of blood or conscience), crushing the “old person” through repentance. Their Christ-like humility attracted Divine Grace which rested in them and rendered them God-bearers. Their complete unity with God is the “psychology of sainthood”, like St. Justin Popovic notes: “In every Saint, the Lord is everything and every single thing in his soul, in his conscience, in his heart and in his works”.       

We ought to follow them with faithfulness, zeal, much love and a humble disciple-like disposition because “without love for saints, one's orthodoxy is crippled and one's sense of direction is off―for they are the examples one has to follow” (Fr. Seraphim Rose). 

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