Metropolitan of Kythira, Seraphim,  (Church of Greece)
Letter - signing of the "CONFESSION OF FAITH
Against Ecumenism

My Most Reverend and honourable professor Fr. Theodore,
Christ Resurrected!

       With great spiritual joy and mental elation I received and became breathless after reading the ponderous and inspired article of the Congregation of Orthodox Clerics and Monastics, the "Confession of Faith Against Ecumenism".
       I am in total agreement with all the points of this Orthodox testimony and gladly with all my "soul and heart" I sign it. I would rest even more if in the SYNOPSIS OF THE TESTIMONY (page18, para.3) you could add the condemnation of Arianism, which while of course it has not survived in its original form, yet it forms the nucleus of the preaching and the bedrock of the self styled "martyrs of Jehovah", who sow continuously weeds in the field of our Lord.
       Congratulating wholeheartedly the Congregation of Orthodox Clerics and Monastics for this God pleasing initiative, I warmly plead to you to be allowed to enter this article in the website of the Holy Metropolis of Kythira for the erudition and the spiritual edification of my flock.

 In this I remain,
With brotherly resurrection blessings

Seraphim of Kythira.   

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