Most Honourable Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus.

Cease the dialogue with the Pope.

Most Honourable Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus.

From the Greek newspaper "ORTHODOX PRESS" pg  1737

       The Church of Greece should reconsider the shameful article of Ravenna as well as her participation in the hodge podge of the heretic offshoots of the World Council of the so called "Churches". It seeks to discuss the upgrading of the Unia at the regular meeting of the Hierarchy with introducer the Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos. The complete text of the letter of Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus to the Archbishop.
The "O.T." (Orthodox Press) discovered few weeks ago that Papism is upgrading the role of the demonic Unia in Athens and in Greece with the "tonsuring" on May 24, of Mr. Demetrios Salaha, professor- Canonologist of Papism and member of the mixed committee for the Theological Dialogue, as Exarch Bishop of the Uniates, in Greece. The discovery of the "O.T." has shaken the anti-ecumenist and anti-papist Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus.
The Metropolitan having crossed the information of the "O.T.", he sent a letter on the eve of the enthronement of the Uniate Bishop, to Archbishop Hieronymus of Athens requesting a discussion on the upgrading of the unia, at the regular Synod of the Hierarchy. He calls Papism a heretical illegitimate gathering.  He requests the termination of the theological dialogue with the Papists, and the re-evaluation of the shameful "for the Indivisible Orthodox Catholic Church, Ravenna article". Moreover he requests the re-evaluation of the participation of the Church of Greece in the hodge podge of the heretical offshoots of the World Council of the so called "Churches".

The Letter.

       The complete letter of the Most Reverend Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus to the Archbishop of Athens and President of the Holy Synod, is as follows.

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Holy Metropolis of Piraeus,
Coast of Themistocles 190,
185 30 Piraeus
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Piraeus, May 23, 2008

       To the Most Blessed Archbishop Hieronimus of Athens and of all Greece, and the Holy and Sacred Synod in Athens.

My Most Blessed Despota,

       After the election of the new Bishop of the Uniates of Greece, which took place with the decision of the Pope of Rome, Benedict 16th three days ago, it was confirmed beyond any nave doubt, that the heretical papist illegitimate gathering  as he would call her, our memorablespiritual father Archbishop Seraphim, has not changed at all her beastly stance against the Indivisible Orthodox Catholic Church, from which she was separated and proceeded to thousands of falls, distorting with culpability and methodically the dogma, the government and ethos of the Indivisible Church.
Also the enthronement in the center of Athens, on May 24, of Mr. Demetrios Salaha as Bishop of the non-existent Uniates in Greece, sheds the mask of the so called friendly relationship and the theory of "sister Churches" and uncovers the true atrocious face of Papism, that has injured significantly the truth of Faith and devilishly persists in its cursed wickedness.
We therefore, I believe plausibly we have the duty to subsequently re-evaluate the shameful for the Indivisible Orthodox Catholic Church article of Ravenna, our further participation, as an Autocephalous Church, that is directly hurt by the wicked Rome, in the dialogue that takes place with her and in parallel we should re-evaluate our participation in the hodge podge of the heretic offshoots of the World Council of the so called "Churches" as well as if it is to our advantage or not to participate in the remaining dialogues with the heterodox, because I fear that the only thing we will succeed in, is to provide them through our participation an alibi to their leaderships of the supposedly spiritual parity with the God-created Indivisible Orthodox Catholic Church.
The election and enthronement of the new Uniate Bishop in Athens, places each one of us in front of our historical responsibilities and I humbly believe that at last the hour has come to react to the undertaken abuse to the dignity of the Indivisible Orthodox Catholic Church, that the fallen Rome undertakes so brazenly. Certainly you remember that tragic image shown on Television of the outdoor service of the Pope of Rome, John Paul 2nd, when the theatrical troupe of foreign uniates sang in Greek for obvious reasons, the ecumenical remembrance supplication for the Papist throne, in the presence of Leaders of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches.
For this and with great reverence I suggest, through Your decision this most current topic be included with the other topics for discussion, of the daily agenda of the regular Synod of the Hierarchy that will convene next October and as introducer be assigned the most deep thinker and most genuine theologian and much written author and dear in Christ brother, the Reverend Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpactos and Saint Vlasios, who it should be noted does not know at all of our suggestion.

       For these, I submit my unfailing devotion to You, closing with brotherly love and deserved honour.

The least in Christ brother,
Seraphim of Piraeus.

From the Newspaper "Orthodox Press" pg 1737.     



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