Idolatry - Paganism

Neo-idolatry/ Neo-paganism

It is about a new movement that has grown to a great extent in the last few years. Some types of people maintain that "we should return to our roots" and restore our "ancient national religion". They relate the worship of idols with our national identity, while using all the contemporary marketing means, promising solutions to all man's problems. Behind the loud proposals of neo-paganism and  in general its complete theory- which calls on each country to return to worshipping its "traditional deities" -  one can perceive very clearly, one more destructive tentacle of the "New Age". The national and traditional pretexts, pander to the consolidation of theosophy and occultism.

We should beware therefore, and should examine seriously and with prudence every pleasant sounding proposal or malevolent and shallow accusation (mainly against Orthodoxy) perceiving and avoiding the humiliating cheerfulness. Let us not forget that these topics were already resolved by the spiritual greats. If we neglect them, we would be shown to be opinionless, in the least.

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