The “New Age” movement is a combination of Eastern Cults and ancient mystic teachings con-nected with Gnosticism and Spiritism. The new second millennium (from 2001) is characterized as the New Age because, as astrologers (basically, members of the New Age) maintain, during this period the sun enters the zodiac circle of Aquarius, thus bringing an end to the “Age of the Fish”, which was ruled by confusion, wars, orders and the control of the clergy (Fish in Ancient Greek is “ΙΧΘΥΣ,” which is the acronym for “Jesus Christ Son of God Savior.” Therefore, they mean everything Christian will come to an end).  

Also, a basic belief of the New Age is the “interior governing” of the world by a hierarchy of spirits or “teachers of wisdom” (there is always a variety of approaches to their ideas) which every-one realizes are impure spirits.

Its basic aim is the global adoption of its dogmas. For this reason, the struggle for conversion is continuous, using cunning and deceptive methods, manipulating every human need and weak-ness. This attempt has theosophy as its foundation, while in its organizational branches it is not possible for someone to perceive what is behind them, since they are not at all connected by some strict hierarchical structure or ideological identity. Many of them are characterized as psy-chological cults, pan-Christian groups (“being above dogma”), destructive cults, etc. Generally, these organizations are grounded in occultism.

Let our attention be heightened, being properly connected with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ, because it is certain that there is someone or some organization near us trying to contaminate us and take us along with the spirit of the antichrist (that is, that spirit which is anti Christ) of the New Age.

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