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It is a sad fact that so many of the faithful of the Orthodox Church are ignorant of its dogmatic truths. The lack of knowledge of the Church's divine teachings is not normal, though many consider that all dogmas concern only specialists.
Anyone who desires to be called a Christian has the responsibility to be as knowledgeable as possible. The truth is that we are all in need of constant catechesis. In trying to meet this divine need, we are posting brief, clear and simple texts that contain necessary information about our Faith.

Thoughts of a Hagiorite Monk ... (28/1/2024)
by Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos... (9/4/2018)
Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and St Vlassios... (5/7/2017)
Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlassios... (27/1/2017)
Orthodox catechism Topics. The Liturgical Year, by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos... (3/9/2011)
Orthodox catechism Topics. The Orthodox Mind of Spirit, by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos... (21/8/2011)
Orthodox Catechism Topics by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos. Monasticism... (6/8/2011)
The Holy Spirit was not revealed in the same manner in which the Son was revealed;... (7/6/2011)
The Holy Eucharist is the central event in the life of the Church.... (15/5/2011)
After the fall, man, we are told by Holy Writ, was cast out of paradise (Gen. 3,24)... (19/4/2011)
God is the unique Being, the absolute existence; nothing can be compared with Him and the honor which is due Him... (16/4/2011)
The Church's catholicity, i.e. its universality, refers not only to all its faithful throughout the world... (28/3/2011)
The Orthodox Church relates Holy Baptism to the sacred Mystery of Chrism... (16/3/2011)
Holy Baptism, with three immersions in water, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit , is the Mystery... (2/3/2011)
Man can have the feeling of the presence of Divine Grace in his life, i.e. he can have spiritual experiences... (17/2/2011)
Through Holy Baptism all are incorporated into the "royal" and "priestly" nation which is the people of God... (14/2/2011)
he Church as the Body of Christ is a Divine-human (theanthropic) organism... (7/2/2011)
God in Trinity.A Communion of Persons by Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos.PhD. of Theology, PhD. of Philosophy. (19/1/2011)
Orthodox Catechism Topics, by: Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos... (13/1/2011)
Holy Confession was a familiar act in the Old Testament... (9/12/2010)

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