Teachings of the Holy Fathers

Teachings of the Holy Fathers

In this chapter words of the Holy Fathers are published which are extracts from their in-God experiences and which express, exactly and in truth, the God-inspired teaching of our Orthodox Church.

Our Holy Fathers – just as our Lord – desired the salvation of the whole human race, and when they spoke they aimed at catechising (instructing) the faithful and safeguarding them from heretical teachings, setting forth their personal holy and spiritual experience, which many times they expressed using their secular education.

Saint Isidore of Pelousion Mountain... (13/8/2016)
Protopresbyter Theodoros Zisis... (8/11/2014)
Wishing you health...(5/2/2012)
Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea, is a contemporary saint, confessor of the Faith...
You wanted to know if Confession was really necessary... (2/1/2012)
To a soldier of a student's brigade who asks how God can be inside man... (5/10/2012)
Answer to a Priest about the World Crisis... (16/9/2012)
The following is taken from an address given by St. Nektarios when he was first assigned dean... (19/6/2012)
Saint Theophan the Recluse... (11/10/2010)
Do we contemporary Christians perhaps know what a true prayer is, what its characteristics are and what its fruits are?... (1/13/10)


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