Father Epiphanios

Father Epiphanios Theodoropoulos

Once he was asked:

«Elder, it is known that peace reigns only ί n the soul of people of God. However, the Evangelicals also maintain that they feel a permanent calmness ί n their hearts. How is it pos­sible for this to occur, since they are ί n delusion?

And he responded:

«In the villages, my child, when the villagers wish to tie their donkey for grazing, it is not necessary to tie it by all four feet. It suffices to tie it by one.

The devil does the same thing with the Evangelicals. Since he has tied them by the foot of heresy, he does not at­tack them with other temptations. Thus, it is explained why they feel peace, as they maintain. However, this peace is superficial and temporal.

(Father Epiphanios) 

The particular characteristic of Orthodoxy is ascesis and the communion of worship.
Ιn times of affliction, look at the Crucified One.
The Fathers say: Αll battles are gained by attacking. The only battle which is gained by flight is the battle against the flesh.
Father Epiphanios Theodoropoulos. We always have a boss: Either God, or the devil and our passions.
«How does the goodness of God reconcile with the existence of Hell?»


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