The “New Age” movement is a combination of Eastern Cults and ancient mystic teachings connected with Gnosticism and Spiritism... (23/8/2010)
Ecumenism, the greatest heresy of the twentieth century, preaching the dogmatic and religious syncretism(blending) and tending towards a single type of pan - religion
Papism. If we recognize Pope Pius 9th as infallible, then we should also recognize as infallible all his predecessors...
Idolatry - Paganism. The belated idolaters, the as they are known, who have appeared in our time, do not have the simplicity of the lay pagans nor the maturity of those who seriously studied our ancient religion.
by Protopresbyter fr. George D. Metallinos (+ 19-12-2019)
Monk Paul of the Holy Mountain ... (1/6/2020)
Book presentation... (23/5/2018)
Fr. Constantine Strategopoulos ... (10/9/2017)
The dream of Otto I - the German Duke of Saxony and king of Germany and Italy (912-973) ... (21/10/2016)
The new book titled «The Jesus Prayer and its application» (16/7/2016)
by Protopresbyter Fr. George D. Metallinos (22/6/16)
Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and St Vlassios HIEROTHEOS (16/6/2016)

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