Holy Land

Dear brothers in Christ,
Christ Resurrected.

In the Light and Joy of Resurrection we experience one more special joy, the creation of a second web-site. The two basic characteristics of this site are the same as those of the first one- the basic web-site of our Monastery. Firstly, its creation and support is owed completely to the same pious donors who insist in remaining anonymous. Secondly, the purpose of this effort is also sacred and the motive pure and humble.
As its name testifies  this web-site is an offering to the Sacred Pilgrimages of the Holy Places and in general to the famous Jerusalem Patriarchate. Our love and respect for these Holy Tabernacles has driven us to the undertaking of this venture so that they may be exposed to the world even more. For without a doubt, they hold the first place among all the holy reverences of our Faith, since the Same God-Man Christ blessed them with His presence and His salvific work.
We should confess that the intention of the web-site is not to serve a simple encyclopedic exposition of the Holy Places but primarily to support and put forward through all possible proper means, the heroic and sacrificial work of the Sacred-burial Brotherhood, with its leader His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos 3rd . They comprise the guards of the Sacred Pilgrimages and their struggles - literally - in the midst of the enemies of our Church. All the Orthodox owe to support and envelop with respect and love the Holy Sion, the Mother of all the Churches and the torch of our Faith. 
May the Resurrected Lord grant abundantly the Grace of His Lifebearing Tomb and enlighten every person with His Holy Light.

With Resurrection blessings,

The Abbott
Archmandrite Kyrill

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