Many believe that Orthodoxy is one of the many "churches" around. Namely one viewpoint of Christianity, or others believe that Orthodoxy is a religion. Both these viewpoints are absolutely false. Orthodoxy basically means true glory or true faith. She is not one of the "churches" because she is the ONLY true Church of Christ. This naturally is not pride but the TRUTH. Since the Lord instituted only one Church, how can we speak of many? Moreover, Orthodoxy cannot be called a religion because a religion is superstition, it (every religion) tries to cover the psychological needs of man. In contrast Orthodoxy heals the spiritually ailing man (meaning every man) and renders him holy, this being the tangible and obvious proof of her truth.

“Without love for the Saints, one's Orthodoxy is amputated and the feeling of orientation is blocked...
The lack of knowledge of the Church's divine teachings is not normal... (2/10/2010)
The webpage of the Holy Monastery of Pantocrator presents an anthology of such stories of conversions to Orthodoxy... (7/11/2011)
The Saints of our Church are not otherworldly beings but people like us... (10/6/2010)
In this chapter words of the Holy Fathers are published which are extracts from their in-God experiences...
What's important [about mission work] is that the giving be true and total, without holding back, with a disposition to self-sacrifice and self-denial...
From the first years of the life of the Church of Christ, there has been a strong need for apologetical expression towards... (25/9/2011)
From the homilies of Saint Mark of Ephesus at the 5th Ecumenical Council in Ferrara-Florence ... (12/11/2023)
Sofia Bekri, scholar-theologian ... (27/3/2023)
Introduction of Apocalypse ... (8/5/2012)
Familiar and unfamiliar information pertaining to our Ecclesiastic History and Theology... (6/10/09)
Holy Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlassios, Hierotheos... (5/1/2016)
Fr. George D. Metallinos. From the Book "THE WAY" An Introduction to the Orthodox Faith... (5/12/2015)
Protopresbyter John S. Romanides, University Professor ... (9/3/2015)
By His Eminence Panteleimon Metropolitan of Antinoes... (22/7/2014)
By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos, "Empirical Dogmatics"... (15/3/2014)
By His Eminence Panteleimon Metropolitan of Antinoes... (25/5/2014)

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