Studentship in the Ecclesiastic past


Familiar and unfamiliar information pertaining to our Ecclesiastic History and Theology, presented as concisely, informatively and as clearly as possible, suitably adapted for the average reader and with projections into the details of contemporary reality.

With the blessing of our Elder, and in the hope that they will prove beneficial in Christ...

Can the laity (the members of the Church who are not ordained into the priesthood) involve itself in matters of the Faith?... (10/26/09)
What does our ecclesiastical past teach us on the matter of obedience to our spiritual Father... (10/22/09)
Is the Holy Spirit "obliged" to descend upon the participants, simply because they who convened it are Bishops? ... (10/1/09)
Sixth Ecumenical Synod. A few days ago, on the 14th of September - the feast day of the Elevation of the Precious Cross... (9/19/09)


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