Elders and figures of Orthodoxy

Elders and figures of Orthodoxy

 A contemporary holy ascetic, an American convert to Orthodoxy and ardent missionary, said: “Without love for the Saints, one's Orthodoxy is amputated and the feeling of orientation is blocked – since everyone must follow the examples.” In this section, virtuous contemporary Church figures are presented who are doubtlessly genuine links in the unbreakable chain of the saints of God in our times. The Church is not looking to find saints but humbly presents individuals that struggled to be united to Christ. This is what renders them our luminous examples. If we do not learn about them and imitate them, surely we will lose the correct course.

Below other modern figures of Orthodoxy—clergy and laity—are also presented, who by their life and work offered, or are still offering, service in the Church. It is important that these persons be presented, so that we may learn from them and that they may be an example for us.

During the course of the Church's history, figures of faithful and virtuous people have appeared: priests, monks, and lay people ... (4/11/2011)
The contemporary holy elders, whose lives our website presents – with God’s help – are characterized by a remarkable unity with the saints of old,... (29/10/2011)


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