Danieleon Brotherhood  (Mount Athos) Letter - signing of the "Confession of Faith"


Holy Isyhasterion of the Danieleon Brotherhood
630 87 Katounakia
Holy Mountain      


To the Honourable Congregation of the Orthodox Clerics and Monastics in Thessaloniki.

Honourable Elders and fathers always revel in the double joy and exultation of the Lord.

       With great joy we received your short submission "Confession of Faith against Ecumenism" and we thank you very much. We went through it with keen attention. We remain in agreement though out its content and express to you our inwardly brotherly congratulations.
       Holy Fathers, you are the continuation of the Great Confessor Godbearing Fathers and your wages will be big, very big, from the Lord because you defend our Orthodox Church and our patristic traditions.
       We express to you our innumerable brotherly congratulations for your great patristic struggle against to day's treasonous condition of Ecumenism.
       We hope that the Lord will give you His divine strength and power to overcome the present day scourge of our time and the treasonous ruses of Papism.

With Brotherly love in the Lord
Hieromonk Gregory Danielidis   


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