Announcement on the Yoga Centres

Announcement on the Yoga Centres that are within the Geographic boundaries of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus.

Holy Metropolis of Piraeus,
Office on Heresies and Cults.

The Holy Metropolis of Piraeus on the occasion of the existence of Yoga Centres within her geographic boundaries, informs the Christian Orthodox that Yoga has absolutely no relationship with the Orthodox spirituality.

Etymologically, Yoga derives from the Sanskrit "yuj" which means "coupling" and "union" of man with the impersonal Absolute One of Hinduism and of the eastern religions.
Therefore, Yoga is not a simple and innocent method of loosening up (relaxation), it is not a way of getting rid of stress, it is not a method of wellbeing, as it advertizes, but a stage of

Hindu consideration connected with the anti-Christian theory of reincarnation.

At the different schools of Yoga, we confirm the direct dependence of those practicing to a hindu teacher (guru) who guides them and changes their Orthodox Christian name.
The different techniques of Yoga have no relationship with science; to the contrary they have the characteristics of witchcraft. The occupation with Yoga hides spiritual and physical dangers.

The "New Age of Aquarius" that fights the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, our Orthodoxy, floods our country with the advertisements of Yoga to deceive with the demonic dogma that all the religions are the same roads that lead to the same purpose.

We call the Orthodox Christians and especially the youth to resist the ideological commands of the New Order Elements, to become members of their parish and their priests, that they may learn the Orthodox ascesis (practice) and spirituality.

The occupation with Yoga is for the Orthodox Christians incompatible with the teaching and dogmas of their Faith.

The occupation with Yoga is a denial of the Orthodox Faith and a blasphemy to the Holy Spirit. 



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