St. Nikolai Velimirovic

Letter # 38 - World Crisis

Answer to a Priest about the World Crisis

You ask me, O man of God, where did today's crisis come from and what does it mean? Who am I to be asked about such a great thing? "You should only speak when what you have to say is better than silence," says St. Gregory the Theologian. And even though I believe that silence would be better right now, I will give you my opinion on it for the sake of my love for you.

Crisis is a Greek word, and it means judgment. In the Holy Scripture this word is used many times. The Psalmist says, "therefore, the godless will not stand up in judgment" (Ps. 1: 5). In another place, it says, "I sing of mercy and judgment" (Ps. 101: 1). Wise Solomon writes, "the judgment of all comes from the Lord" (Prov. 29: 26). The Savior Himself said that "the Father has given all judgment to the Son," and later "now is the judgment of the world come" (John 5: 22, 12: 31). Apostle Peter writes, "for it is time that the judgment of God's house begin" (1 Pet. 4: 17).

Replace the word judgment with crisis and read, "therefore, the godless will not stand up in crisis - I sing of mercy and crisis - toe crisis of all comes from the Lord - the Father has given all crisis to the Son - now is the crisis of the world come - for it is time that the crisis of God's house begin.

So far, European nations have used the word judgment in¬stead of crisis, whenever some trouble fell upon them. Now, the old word is replaced with the new - the understandable with the incomprehensible. When there was a drought, people would say, "God's judgment!" When there was a flood, "God's judgment!"

When there was a war or a plague, "God's judgment!" When there was hail, earthquakes, pests, mice and other troubles, again and every time God's judgment! And that means - crisis through droughts, crisis through floods, through wars, plagues etc. Today's financial-economic trouble is also considered by the people to be God's judgment, but they don't say judgment, but crisis. So that the trials are multiplied through confusion! For when we used an understandable word, judgment, we also under¬stood the cause of the trouble; we knew the judge who allowed the trials; and the goal of the trial was also known. However, as soon as we used the word crisis, a word incomprehensible to all and every one, nobody knows how to explain anything - why, where from, to what end? That is the only difference between today's crisis and those crises of drought, flood, war, plague, insects or other pestilences.

Do you ask me about the cause of today's crisis or today's judgment of God? The cause is the same forever and ever. The cause of droughts, floods, plagues, and other whips of mankind is also the cause of today's crisis: apostasy of the people. The people have caused this crisis by the sin of apostasy, and God has allowed it in order to awaken the people, that they might come to their senses, become more spiritual and return to Him. Through modern sins comes modern crisis. God really did use modern means to put some sense into modern people - He struck the banks, the stock markets, finances and currencies. He has overturned the tables of the exchangers around the world, just as He did a long time ago in the Temple in Jerusalem. He has created an unprecedented panic among the merchants and money exchangers. He lifts, casts down, stirs, confuses, frightens. All to make the wise little heads of European and American wise men wake up, come to their senses and become more spiri¬tual. So that being anchored in the harbors of material security, they might remember their souls; confess their transgressions and bow down to the Almighty God - the Living God.

How long will the crisis last? As long as the people's spirit remains unchanged. Until those haughty people who caused this crisis capitulate before the Almighty. Until the peoples and nations remember to translate the incomprehensible word crisis into their own languages so that they may say "God's judgment!" You also, honorable father, ought to say "God's judgment" instead of crisis and everything will be clear.

Greetings and peace to you.



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