Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea, is a contemporary saint, confessor of the Faith, miracle-working unmercenary doctor but also an important scientist. He zealously served His “flock” – and every fellow being – practicing his various spiritual gifts. In the anguish derived from his exiles and tortures, which caused by the atheist communist regime, he did not neglect to provide spiritual care and nourishment as a spiritual father. Some of the saint's discourses have reached us thanks to the publisher and lover of the saints Mr Stylianos Kementzetzidis. Despite Saint Luke's education and bright mind, he speaks in simplicity, analyzing his points into brief texts that emanate holy Grace and wisdom in God.

Each of us is tormented with the question: what will happen to us and what awaits us after death?... (18/8/2012)
Saint Luke Archbishop of Simferopol and the Crimea, a Professor of Surgerey... (21/10/2011)
Saint Luke Archbishop of Crimea: Hold on to our Faith which is eternal and definite... (5/6/2011)
May the Lord help us always follow the way of justice... (2/4/2011)


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